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Centre for Applied Management Research

The mission of this unit includes the transversal development and promotion of applied scientific research, particularly within the scope of business management, tourism and public policies, thus seeking to establish a strong link between theory and practice, as well as promoting the transfer of knowledge to society. UNIAG results from the collaboration of researchers from 4 Polytechnic Institutes - Polytechnic Institute (IP) of Bragança, IP of Cávado and Ave, IP of Porto and IP of Viana do Castelo - members of the Association of the Polytechnics of Northern Portugal (APNOR). Its emergence is based on the identification of common areas of interest, taking advantage of synergies in order to ensure that research resources reach critical mass, fostering innovation and experimentation. 

The primary objective of this research unit is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to the identification and promotion of added value, competitive advantage and the development of a potential for excellence in the regional areas where the 4 IPs are located. Supporting innovation based on practice, with the establishment of partnerships and links to companies and institutions in the region, but also with a strong component of internationalisation, seeking to establish research partnerships. The aim is to bring together interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams that collaboratively develop specific lines of research, which will contribute to the development of applied research, in the research areas within the scope of its mission and strategic objectives.

For this purpose, UNIAG is based on an organisational structure, lead by APNOR, integrating the aforementioned HEI. The definition of its scientific strategy is one of the main functions of the Scientific Council, which includes all the integrated members. The Coordinating Commission incorporates the scientific coordinator plus one element from each of the other HEI, totalling 4 elements. It also ensures the current management of the research unit, as well as its scientific coordination, assisted by the heads of the research lines. UNIAG also has an External Commission of Scientific Counselling constituted by foreign personalities of recognised merit in the areas of research of the R&D unit. This Commission is supported by the administrative services from the HEI, to which the Scientific Coordinator belongs.