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Tourism and Tourist Information Services

The Higher national diploma in Tourism and Tourist Information Services aims to confer professional qualifications by preparing students to plan and implement tourism and cultural entertainment programmes and activities; develop and coordinate activities in tourism companies and organisations, promoting the development of a responsible and quality tourism in Portugal. The main activities in this area are:

— Planning, organising and developing diagnostic and market analysis studies on the tourism potential of a specific context;

— Planning, managing and implementing entertainment and tourism activities according to the market trends;

— Planning, managing and promoting tourist and cultural entertainment programmes and activities, based on the differentiating potential and resources of the territories and according to the target markets;

— Developing multilingual tourism promotion materials, organising and guiding multilingual visits to places of tourist interest;

— Planning and developing digital information resources for tourism, using the proper computer applications;

— Promoting and organising tourism information and promotion activities in order to attract and retain the loyalty of various target audiences;

— Planning and implementing marketing strategies and new management policies for the different sales channels and client profiles;

— Planning, designing and supervising activities that promote the potential and regional tourism resources, within the scope of the activities of various tourism companies and organisations


812 Tourism and recreation
Número: R/Cr 17.2/2016 de 09-08-2019
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Aviso n.º 6848/2021 (2.ª série), n.º 133
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Introduction to Tourism 1st Semester 6.0
Communication and Information Techniques 1st Semester 4.0
Tourism Geography 2st Semester 5.0
Tourism Marketing 2st Semester 6.0
Culture and Heritage Annual 5.0
Communication and Management in Tourism Annual 6.0
Information Management in Tourism Annual 6.0
Portuguese History Annual 4.0
English for Tourism Annual 4.0
Portuguese Language Annual 4.0
Data Collection Processes Annual 4.0
Promotion and Revitalisation of Tourist Destinations Annual 6.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Informational Behaviour in Tourism 1st Semester 5.0
Intercultural Communication 1st Semester 4.0
Introduction to Hospitality 1st Semester 4.0
Tourist Itineraries 1st Semester 3.0
Spanish for Tourism 1st Semester 3.0
French for Tourism 1st Semester 3.0
Tourism Markets and Products 1st Semester 4.0
Tourism Information Resources 1st Semester 4.0
Work placement 2st Semester 30.0
  • Travel agents
  • Tour operators
  • Technical staff in Tourism Organisations
  • Technical staff in Tourist Entertainment Companies
  • Tour Guides
  • Museum Guides.

Candidates to the Higher national diplomas should either be: a) Holders of a secondary education diploma, or its legal equivalent; b) Approved in the Selection Process of Mature Applicants, which is aimed at assessing the capacity to attend higher education for those aged over 23 years old; c) Holders of a technological specialisation diploma, a higher national diploma diploma or with a higher education degree who wish to enrol in professional retraining.