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Dark Tourism

On May 28, the open class was held under the theme of Dark Tourism.

Last Monday, in order of the curricular unit of Interpersonal Relations with Susana Silva, PhD, a group of the 2nd grade of Tourist Activities Management welcomed Sérgio Veludo, PhD, who spoke about Dark Tourism: History and Dark Tourism in Porto.

Nowadays, Sérgio Veludo teaches at the Education School, Porto. He has studied Historic Sciences at Portucalense University, Porto; He has a postgraduate degree in Military History at Lusíada University, Lisbon and he has a master degree in Modern History, at FLUP.

The open class main goal was to clarify the meaning of Dark Tourism, explain the ways that Dark Tourism can take, what its boundaries are and how much ethic is needed to talk about this theme. As so, Sérgio Veludo spoke about some places in Porto, in Portugal and all around the world.

This open class had the amphitheatre B101 completely full. As so, we want to thanks everyone that showed up.


Bianca Motta