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Open class: ALA Viagens

Diogo Oliveira, from ALA Viagens, was the guest of this open class

On May 13th of 2019, ESHT had the pleasure to welcome one of the creators of ALA Viagens, which operates exclusively online.

For the purpose of the course: Interpersonal Relations, taught by the Ph.D. Susana Silva, we held the guest Diogo Oliveira that presented a unique travel agency that’s been successful since its beginning, in 2013, despite the economic instability that Portugal was suffering from.

ALA Viagens’ distinctive factor relies on its way to provide a cultural experience to high school seniors, that offers more than what the typical finalist trips promoters go for, through digital means, without having a physical store to receive clients.

The company’s director pointed out the very beginning of ALA, explaining that its professionals are specialized in fields such as management, economy, marketing, communication sciences, whose skills were crucial for such a success rate; exposed the evolution of the company and of its services, till the present date, and even added, by acknowledging how valuable their crew is, that this agency wouldn’t, by any means, work in such a smooth way if it weren’t for the trip monitors that have the eye to eye contact with the clients.

The members of ESHT’s community, that filled the classroom, have participated in an active and spontaneous way on this event, exposing relevant and objective questions to Diogo Oliveira. The second-year students, responsible for the organization of the gathering, want to thank the presence and participation of the speaker, the public and our sponsor: Copy & Go.

For more information about ALA Viagens, check the website: https://www.alaviagens.net/